phase II
 see you mickey

see you - mickey

'see you - mickey' is a correspondence between the figure 'mickey' (Gerard Depardieu) from the film 'le choix des armes' (regie: alain corneau) and the mythology the editor has created. Mickey's intensity, his story and his presence are similar to the claim 'adults = pigs' because of mickeys deepness in form of his desperation and truth. So the figure from the film become a part of the figures, who are part of the mythology, the editor contains. It's also a declaration of war against the boring world of the adults like it's done with the text 'iachtjähriger mit erwachsenenkostüm' (you can find the text at the library). I'm sorry about the fact, that i can't publish any photos of the film because of stupid copyright law. Please search for material by yourself. The project is not finished. Other works planned.